First Working Group Meeting | 26th December 2018

According to the decisions outlined in the bylaws for creating Market for Energy Efficiency and Environment (M3E), responsibilities are defined for relevant organizations including Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology (VPST), Department of Environment, Iran Fuel Conservation Organization, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, Plan and Budget Organization, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Petroleum. VPST organizes regular M3E stakeholder meetings for the purpose of facilitating market implementation, establishing the necessary entities, market rules and structures at public bodies and to evaluate the progress of the activities of the institutes in this regard.

Therefore, the first working group meeting including attendees from national stakeholders, IREEMA representatives and Tarasht Energy Science and Technology Company (TEST) was held in VPST on 26 of December 2018. In this meeting Prof. Saboohi from TEST emphasized on the responsibilities of the organizations based on the bylaws and explained the cooperation of VPST with Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) of Germany. Dr. Fakehi, the representative of the Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization presented the results of a study on the global experience of white certificates. He also explained the challenges of the implementation of such market in Iran.

Later, the challenges of the market implementation and the agenda and timing of the following working group meetings were discussed among the participants.