4th Working Group Meeting | 1st May 2019

The fourth working group meeting of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Market was held on May first, 2019 with the presence of Dr. Lars Handrich, the IREEMA project Manager and Ms. Neumann from DIW-Econ and stakeholder entities’ representatives in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology’s building. The meeting was also attended by representatives and experts of the Plan and Budget Organization, the Ministries of Petroleum and Energy, the Department of Environment, Iran Energy Exchange, Iran National Standard Organization and Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.

Dr. Zeinab Hamidzadeh, National Project Director of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Market, emphasized on the rapid implementation of the market using the simple incentive of the energy tariff margins in the short term.

Hamidzadeh hinted the importance of the formation of the M3E in the energy exchange market with the help of pilot projects as an important step towards fully execution of M3E.

She added: It is a major step to launch the M3E based on tradable certificates, and in the long run add environmental penalties and energy consumption caps to the market design so that the Energy Efficiency and Environment Market can be run automatically.

Hamidzadeh, pointed out that the first step in achieving a successful market scheme is to prepare and execute pilot projects to identify potential defects and errors. To accomplish this, the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology proposes formation of specialized working groups to review, modify and finalize the guidelines and initial technical documentations.

The proposal is to set up a specialized working group on financial matters to define the structure of the nature of energy saving certificates, a specialized group on Monitoring, Verification and Reporting (MRV) and another working group for pilot projects. Each working group consists of relevant stakeholders’ representatives.

Furthermore DIW-Econ’s experts presented an overview on the Technical Note No.3 “Eligibility Criteria for projects in M3E” and the Technical Note No. 4 “A draft scheme of Project implementation in M3E” and received comments from stakeholders and experts.

Source: Iranian Vice President of Science and Technology News Database


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