3rd Working Group Meeting | 13th March 2019

The third working group meeting with project stakeholders was held in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in March 2019. The meeting was facilitated by Dr. Zeinab Hamidzadeh with presence of Dr. Lars Handrich, DIW-Econ’s director and the IREEMA project manager, national stakeholders and private sector activists. Dr. Handrich acknowledged all the participants attendance in the meeting and invited all the stakeholders to comment on the reports prepared by IREEMA project.  Moreover, he explained about how M3E can appraise the cheap energy in Iran by tradable energy saving certificates based on energy tariff differences.

Ms. Franziska Neumann, the market expert from DIW-Econ presented on the benefits and the structure of the guidelines for implementing the M3E. The structure of the guidelines would serve as a framework of a reference to reach a common understanding of M3E among involved and interested parties. Due to her, the key points in implementing a successful market are project implementation scheme, economic viability and MRV systems. The presentation was a summary of the Technical Note No.1 “The Benefits of Guidelines for Project Implementation in M3E” and Technical Note No. 2 “Establishing an MRV system in accordance with the rules of M3E”.

Later, Mr. Aghababazadeh, Advisor to CEO of Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization, presented the progress of M&V scheme establishment in IFCO based on international approaches.

The private sector representatives expressed their interest in being involved in the process of the implementing the market and also shared their concerns regarding the guarantees and investment securities in the energy efficiency market.

Link to presentationLink to presentation [1,5 MB | en,fa]