Second Meeting of the Steering Committee

The second meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project “Supporting Iran in Implementing of an integrated Energy Efficiency and Environment Market (IREEMA)” was held in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology (VPST). Members of the Steering Committee include representatives of the VPST, Department of Environment, the Plan and Budget Organization, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of Petroleum and Energy. The German delegation consists of a representative of the German Ministry of Environment and the Director and experts of DIW-Econ and its partner companies. Project Steering Committee meetings are held twice a year to present project progress and make important decisions.

In the second steering committee meeting Dr. Zeinab Hamidzadeh, national director of creating the energy efficiency market pointed out the importance of promoting cooperation in accordance with the agreement between the Iranian Vice Presidency of Science and Technology and the German Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. “The country needs effective stakeholder participation to implement the M3E. In order to involve the stakeholders in the process of implementing M3E, the Vice Presidency has been actively working with IREEMA project team members, benefiting from the viewpoints of all stakeholders in technical working group meetings”, she said.

She continued: “Moreover, there are ongoing activities in cooperation with IREEMA project to review financial and legal issues of the M3E, evaluate energy-saving projects, activate energy service companies, establish monitoring and verification companies, and develop energy efficiency pilot projects”.

She acknowledged the IREEMA project for effective cooperation and assistance in formulating regulations and guidelines based on successful international experiences and helping to identify and develop energy saving pilot projects in the country.

Dr. Lars Handrich, Director of DIW-Econ, presented a summary of the progress of IREEMA project activities and future project plans. He addressed to a collaborative approach by holding regular and ongoing meetings with project stakeholders, which helped to promote the project effectively.

Dr. Lutz von Meyerinck from KMW, hinted to the large existing energy efficiency potential and added that it is crucial that energy saving certificates reflect reliable values and to prevent a simple pass-on of inefficiencies between facilities along the production chains.

Dr. Jürgen Keinhorst, Middle East and North Africa Region Representative at the German Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety provided feedback on how to improve energy and environmental optimization projects by price reforms and how to provide state assistance for encouraging those projects. Later, the participants discussed the issues of financing projects and how to move towards market-oriented schemes in Iran.

In conclusion, working on energy efficiency financing schemes and procedures and searching for energy efficiency potentials in mid-size industries were decided as further priorities of the project.

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